Workforce Workshop 2014

Workforce Workshop 2014

The Mustang Youth Services Center partnered with the City of Paducah Parks & Recreation by providing a college & career development workshop for high school seniors entitled “Workforce WORTHshop:  Do You Have What It Takes?”  Seventy-five students were selected to participate in this half-day, interactive workshop which provided sessions on resume writing/interviewing skills, performance reviews/evaluation, conflict resolution, creating a healthy lifestyle, setting goals and leadership.  Presenters included:  Joni Goodman, KeeFORCE; Stacey Young, Baptist Health Paducah; Jim Dudley, KeeFORCE; Kent Bohanon, State Farm; Anisa Cox, Energy Fitness Paducah; and Michael Ceglinski, MCHS.  Each student who completed the entire workshop received a “Certificate of Completion” to be used when applying for jobs, scholarships and internships and a training experience of which they can include on their resumes.  Students were also provided with the opportunity to get help with filling out job applications as well as help with creating a working resume.  Thanks to our business partners and presenters for volunteering their time to help our students!   As a result, fifty-four seniors completed the workshop.


Students include:  Brooklyn Snyder, Evan Mathis, David Clardy, Olivia May, Abigail Clark, Martin Livingston, Ethan Flynn, Dylan Humphrey, John Welsh, Lauren Deasel, Ariel Richards, Kendra Puckett, Corey Hall, Blaze Wilson, Jeremy Hackworth, Elizabeth Benner, Courtney Grewelle, Ben Clayton, Cole Ousley, James Lugo, Corey Peterson, Elizabeth Young, Wyatt Seed, Brandon Morehead, Kaitlin Adams, Lindsay Driskell, Dylan Coli, Seth Rowland, Chandler Bell, Makenzie Glisson, Rachel Upshaw, Jacob Owen, Victoria Clayton, Katherine Parker, Erika Shaw, Olivia Darnell, Reagan Webb, Sarah Stigall, Alec Macmahon, Louis Mofatt, Alexandra Housman, Miranda Bliss, Skylar Nunley, Abbigail Collins, Heather Isom, Courtney West, Madison Moxley, Morgan Fowler, Ashley Lambert, Jacob Hyde, Alicia Wines, Katelyn Garland, Emily Belt and Destiny Mayo.


For more information about the Mustangs YSC contact Stacy Thomas at 538-4370 or

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